As per Hindu mythology is formed by the association of two words, ‘RUDRA’ and ‘AKSHA’.

RUDRA’ is the name of ‘Lord Shiva’ and ‘AKSHA’ means ‘tear’. It is said that the plant of Rudraksh is originated from the tear drops of Lord Shiva. According to Hindu mythology,
Lord Shiva used a fire weapon to kill Tripurasur. The weapon killed the demon. After killing Tripurasur Lord Shiva shut his eyes. When Shiva opened his eyes, they were watery. Places on earth where the teardrops fell sprouted Rudraksha trees. Means, the merits of Rudraksh beads were realized first by the Lord Shiva himself and he forwarded the same to the benefit of the later generations.

It is believed that ‘Rudraksha’ of any mukhis or faces can never do any harm to the user.

The original white colour of Rudraksh is dyed into orange/turmeric colour that is a symbolic of the saints. Orange colour Rudraksh becomes useful to all kinds of people of any age, caste, religion.

According to the number of mukhi Rudraksh bead ranges from 1 to 38 mukhis but normally 1 to 14 mukhis used for Astrological benefits. Each bead has different effect on you depending on the number of mukhis it has. It is believed that wearing rudraksh can help achieving wonders in life.

  • Ekamukhi Rudraksha
    • Ekamukhi Rudraksha is the represents Lord Maheshwara. Ruling God is Lord Shiva. All Planets are Ruling Planets of Ekamuki Rudraksha. This is a very rare Rudraksh. It provides concentration. The wearer of Ek Mukhi Rudraksh gets his mental structure changed and he begins to feel renunciation from the worldly affairs. No enemy can harm anyway to the person wearing this bead. Ek mukhi is a Wonder of Nature. It burns all the Sins made by the person. It protects him from Bad Signs. It gives a sudden rise in the career.

       BEEJA MANTRAM : OME Namah Shivaye

  • Dwi Mukhi Rudraksha
    • Dwi Mukhi Rudraksha represents Ardnarishwer i.e. half Lord Shiva and half Goddess Parvathi devi. The ruling planet of Dwi Mukhi Rudraksha is Moon. They effectively control the malefic effects of Moon. Emotionally, there is harmony in relationships. This bead helps in developing harmonious relationships.Dwi mukhi rudraksha is very effective removing negative effect of planet moon. The moon is the ruling influence and hence it can greatly help in controlling negative traits like anger, frustration and lack of concentration. Releases fear, insecurity and gives inner happiness and fulfillment.

      BEEJA MANTRAM : OME Namah.

  • Tri Mukhi Rudraksha
    • Tri Mukhi Rudraksha represents God Agni (Lord of fire) and ruling planet is Sun. So, this Rudraksha removes malefics of Sun. This Rudraksha bead enhances the physical stamina and energy of the persons and also gets Moksha. Mentally, it stimulates self-confidence and energy, curbs aggression, brooding habits and violence. Wearer is released from past memoriers of Anger, Low self esteem. Cures diseases related to stomach and liver ailments.

      BEEJA MANTRAM : OME Kleem Namah.

  • Chatur Mukhi Rudraksha
    • Chatur Mukhi Rudraksha represents the four faced Lord Brahma The wearer gains power of knowledge and creativity. Improves memory power, vocal power and intelligence. Lord Brahma rules over planet Jupiter, so this Chatur Mukhi Rudraksha removes malefics related wity planet Jupiter. It is an Auspicious Rudraksha for people involved in professions like Researchers, scientists, intellectuals, and writers It is a helpful in obtaining knowledge.

      BEEJA MANTRAM : OME Hreem Namah.

  • Pancha Mukhi Rudraksha
    • Jupiter is ruled by this particular Rudraksha and ruling god is  Rudra Kalagni. This highly auspicious rudraksha is important for people who wish to discover their higher selves i.e. UpaGuru. Wearer of this Pancha Muki Rudraksha Enhances awareness, memory, word power and intellect. Maximum numbers of Rudraksha beads obtained are Five Mukhis. It helps in the profession of Teaching and religion. People born in Punarvasu, Vishakha or Purva ashadha Nakshatra can certainly adore this bead for overall happiness. This Rudraksha is symbolic of lord Shiva. It is also said that the wearer of this Rudraksha removes malefics of planet Jupiter.

      BEEJA MANTRAM : OME Hreem Namah.

  • Shan Mukhi Rudraksha
    • This particular Rudraksha is ruled by Lord Kartikeya and ruling planet is Mars. This Rudraksha gives Stability in Life with Willpower, Focus and free from mental lethargy and emotional instability. Increases. Wearer gets luck and assets of properties and luxrious vechiles.

      BEEJA MANTRAM : OME Hreem Hoom Namah.

  • Sapta Mukhi Rudraksha
    • Sapta Mukhi Rudraksha represents Goddess Mahalakshmi i.e. the Goddess of Wealth. Wearer is blessed with good health, wealth, and new opportunites.It should be worn by those who are in the problems related to Finance. By wearing this Sapta Mukhi Rudraksha the person progresses steadily in life with Name ans Fame. Poverty If a person is born under stars like Pushyam, Anuradha or Uttaraproshtapadha, this is automatically a suitable Rudraksha to wear.

      BEEJA MANTRAM : OME Hoom Namah.

  • Ashta Mukhi Rudraksha
    • Ashta Mukhi Rudraskha represents Lord Ganesha and ruling planet is Ketu. The person wearing it acquires success and good luck in his life and removes obstacles in path. Wearer is blessed with Knowledge, wisdom  and wealth. Stars like Pushyam, Anuradha or Uttaraproshtapadha, also facilitates wearing of this particular rudraksha.

      BEEJA MANTRAM : OME Hoom Namah.

  • Nava Mukhi Rudraksha
    • Nava Mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by goddess Durga and also ruled by Bhairav according to various Shastras.Ruling planet is Rahu. The wearer is blessed with lots of energy, powers and fearlessness. Which are needed to live a life for success. Removes malefics related to Rahu.

      BEEJA MANTRAM : OME Hreem Hoom Namah.

  • Dash Mukhi Rudraksha
    • Dash Mukhi represents Lord Vishnu. All Nine planets are Ruling Planets. One who wears this Rudraksha gets eternal peace. This rudraksha works like a sheild on body and gets immense protection from negative energies and evil eyes. Wearer gets success in Court Cases, Land deals nad relieves from debts and losses. This Rudraksha is most powerful and removes malefics related to all Nine Planets.

      BEEJA MANTRAM : OME Hreem Namah Namah

  • Ekaadasha Mukhi Rudraksha
    • Ekkadasa Mukhi is symbolizes 11 Rudras and all Nine planets are Ruling Planets. According to Ancient texts the friutful result obtained after performing 1000 Ashavamedh Yagya is obtained by wearing this Rudraksha. Wearer gets powerful vocabulary, right judgement, control over all senses, wisdom, adventures life, fearlessness and success. This Rudraksha is most powerful and removes malefics related to all Nine Planets.

      BEEJA MANTRAM : OME Hreem Hoom Namah

  • Dvaadasha Mukhi Rudraksha
    • Dvaadasha Mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Lord Sun. Wearer gets the quality of sun to rule and shine with brillance, radiance and power. It governs the effects of Sun and gives victory and success life. Releases stress, anger, worries. Wearer is blessed with confidence, self power, energy and motivation in life.

      BEEJA MANTRAM : OME Kraum Ksaum Raum Namah.

  • Trayodasha Mukhi Rudraksha
    • Trayodasha Mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Lord Indra and Lord Kamadeva. Ruling Planet is Venus(Sukra).
      Wearer gets divine charisma and immense power. It gives luck and assets of properties and Good Children. Also used to awaken many Siddhies and raise Kundalini energy.

      BEEJA MANTRAM : OME Hreem Namah.

  • Chaturdasha Mukhi Rudraksha
    • Chaturdasha Mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Lord Hanuman. It governs the effects of planet Mars and Saturn. This helps in removing obstacles from life.Increases the sixth sense. The bead symbolizes lord Shiva and lord Hanuman themselves. The rudraksha is also named as Deva mani (the most divine bead),
      It is very powerful antidote for Mars miseries and provides miraculous cures to several ailments.

      BEEJA MANTRAM : OME Namah.